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Are You Going For An Audiology Apartment? Here Is What You Should Expect

Most people are unsure about what to expect when they go for their first appointment with an audiologist. Suppose you are living in Queens. You would look for a specialist in audiology in Queens. People visit an audiologist either on reference from another doctor or a specialist for hearing issues. However, meeting an audiologist is different from meeting a regular doctor.

What Is The Responsibility Of Audiologists?

Audiologists are specialists who have been trained in checking, diagnosing, correcting, and managing any problems related to tinnitus, balance disorders, or hearing. If you are meeting an audiology specialist in Queens, make sure that the specialist has a doctor of audiology degree, and this degree is equivalent to a Ph.D. Audiologists are responsible for using various tests and procedures to evaluate a person’s hearing ability or balance issues, and Audiologists are also responsible for fitting and dispensing hearing aids.

What To Expect On Your First Meet With An Audiologist?

When you visit an audiologist for the first time, the doctor will ask about your medical history, recent symptoms or complaints, and anything else that pertains to your symptoms. It would help if you took a family member or a friend with you to the appointment. Sometimes, audiologists check hearing responses towards a familiar voice; therefore, it helps to have someone along with you. After recording your history, audiologists will conduct specific tests. Primarily, audiologists in Queens work three types of tests:

·       Otoscopy

Otoscopy checks the ear canal with an autoscope and a penlight with magnification properties. The audiologist will check for blockages, ear wax, or issues with the eardrum or ear canal.

·       Tympanometry

This test checks the middle ear function, like how the eardrum responds to light pressure. It is responsible for detecting any factor that might inhibit the eardrum motion, like infection, eustachian tube dysfunction, or fluid accumulation.

·       Audiometry

This test involves an air and bone conduction test. You will be put in a soundproof room and asked to raise your hand or push buttons on hearing certain sounds.

These tests are neither painful nor uncomfortable. Later, the audiology specialist in Queens will explain the results and provide you with referrals or services. Suppose the audiologist feels that other medical issues must be ruled out. In that case, they may refer you to an ENT specialist or a hearing aid specialist to get hearing aids.

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