Thursday, July 18, 2024

Characteristics and application fields of long strip screen

The long strip screen, its unique long strip shape makes people look very pleasant. long strip screens and other creative flash screens appear in our days, so what are the features of the long strip screen?

Long strip screen has ultra-high dynamic contrast, color flash is more saturated and gorgeous, the visual effect is more vivid, ultra-fast echo time, ultra-fast response time, unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology enhance the visual performance of dynamic pictures.

Long strip screen highlights LCD substrate through unique skill processing. With the characteristics of industrial LCD, high reliability, good stability, suitable for operation in harsh environments.

A long strip screen is widely used in advertising media. long strip screen with its unique advantages has gradually replaced the traditional billboard, light box, and so on, becoming a new force in the advertising media industry.

The long strip screen can be used as the indoor stop announcement screen and taxi roof screen in the subway, bus display, taxi top, subway car, and generally flash the vehicle arrival information and other multimedia information.

The long strip screen is applied to the smart shelf. When no one passes by, the advertisement content is normally broadcast. When a customer is detected walking into a pair of shoes, the screen will automatically display the characteristics of the shoes, including color, size, inventory, and other information.

From the characteristics of the long strip screen, we know why now the use of long strip screen will be more and more, so the long strip screen of the mall is still a large proportion.

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