Saturday, May 25, 2024

Choosing The Best Suited Haircut For A Male

These days, barbers get a common question that scratches their customer’s mind “what should I do with my hair?” Barbershop in Park Slope can tell you more clearly about the type of hairstyle you want. Then too, if you’re going to dress your hair on your own, you should consider several points and here are some to let you understand more.

Oval Faced People

People born with a face shape like oval have a gifted face because whatever hairstyle they want to keep, it will look good on them. However, long hairs are not for them because they will cover their forehead, and their face will look more round than ever. Every time is aware of your facial features before going for any haircut.

Round Faced People

In the case of round Faced People, the best hairstyle which will suit them will be bulky hairs with sharp edges. If you want your face to look a little longer, address your barber to shorten the side hairs and let the middle ones be longer. Try not to go for long strands that look like an orange with hairs. A square beard will be a fantastic combo with a haircut and give your face masculinity.

Oblong Faced People

Oblong-faced people tend to be suited for many of the haircuts popular these days. Hairstyles like buzz and crew will look good on you. Just try to add some bulk hair in the middle and go for long hair on the side. If you want to look good, prefer not to have a long beard. For instance, it is also suitable for most haircuts. Barbershops in Park Slope can make even oblong-faced people look good.

Square Faced People

People with a square face have every choice they want for their hair, and they can go with both long and short strands. If you feel like going for the undercut hairs or want bulky inches, there is no doubt. Even a little stubble will look good on you and feel more masculine.

Diamond Faced People

Diamond-shaped faces have a tapered and long look, so according to the Barbershop in Park Slope, they should go with a bulky hairstyle with undercuts. Please don’t go for the beard, as this will also make your face filled. As a result, your chin and jaw can become soft.


And at the end of this blog, we can say that whatever your age is, you have a bucket full of haircuts that can give a stylish and comforting look. If you are still not getting the point, make a free appointment at any Barbershop in Park Slope to get the hairstyle of your choice.

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