Thursday, June 13, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Surgery

There is no doubt that lips happen to be amongst the most important attributes of female beauty and attractiveness. We can define an attractive female lip as something which is moist, plump, as well as full.

The most well-known lip surgeries consist of enhancing or reducing the lip’s volume, adjusting the shapes of the lip, or lifting an exhausted lip for creating a more youthful and attractive appearance. At present, different types of lip surgery procedures are provided which are as follows:

  • Increasing The Volume Of Lips
  • Reduction Of Lips
  • Wing Horn Chestnut Shaped Lip
  • Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement
  • Enhancement Of Lips
  • Upper Lip Lift
  • Corner Lip Lift
  • Philtrum Enhancement
  • Dimples Surgery

Let us look at the procedures of the lip surgeries in the following paragraphs.

1. Lip Surgery By Upper Lip Lift

This one happens to be a surgical process that is responsible for shortening the space between the mouth’s top and the nose, which is known as philtrum which usually becomes longer with age. The lip is turned upwards by this process, minimizing the length between the top lip and the nose, and enhancing the upper lip’s visible part. This will provide the female with a more attractive and youthful appearance.

2. Lip Reduction

In this surgical procedure, the facial appearance will be enhanced by minimizing the volume of both lower, as well as upper lips. Absorbable sutures will be used for closing the incisions and these sutures will be dissolved after approximately one week. It will take approximately one hour to perform the operation which will be done under local anesthesia.

3. Lip Surgery With Wing Horn Chestnut Shaped Lip

This type of surgery is considered to be a surgical process that helps to provide the upper lip with the shape of a chestnut. The surgeon who will perform this operation will make the upper lip curve in the upward direction while the middle part is going to come downwards similar to a bow. The teeth will be revealed by the upper lips which will provide the lady with an extremely youthful appearance.

4. Lip Surgery With The Help Of Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement

Besides the wing horn chestnut shaped lip (ปากกระจับ ปีกนก, which is the term in Thai) surgery mentioned above, this is a surgical process for enhancing the Cupids bow’s prominence with the help of augmentation or filler injection. As many as 4 points will be marked by the surgeon and following this, the material will be inserted on either side through the upper lip’s border.