Thursday, June 13, 2024

Gargeean! Celebrate Inspiring Kuwaiti Event in Traditional Attire

Riva Kuwait Offers Traditional Attire in Matchless Styles for Kids

In Arab culture, Gargeean is an exciting semiannual festivity that is celebrated in Islamic months Shaban and Ramadhan on 15th night. On this occasion, kids wear traditional fancy attire and visit their relatives and neighbors to get nuts and sweets while singing beautiful traditional songs. If you are living in Kuwait, it is awe-inspiring to dress-up kids in perfectly fitting and adorable attire. You can utilize Riva promo code to select Gargeean printed open shirt, off-shoulder, pleated waist t-shirt, stripe and floral print dress, denim mini skirt, pocket linen big patch outerwear, tweed skirt, straight up crop top neck lace overlay and linen straight fit culottes on discount.

History of Gargeean

It is said that the origin of Gargeean goes back to Holy Prophet (PBUH) when colored sugar cubes were distributed to the people on the birth of Hasan ibn Ali on 15th Ramadan. In past, mothers used to keep special bags having nuts and candies. When kids moved from door to door to get treats they used to sing particular songs and asked for candies. Traditions have changed and people are in habit to bring fancy stuff, candies and chocolates. As far as the costumes are concerned, mothers are exciting to select creative and unique dresses to make their kids standout in a group. Apart from knocking at neighbors’ doors, Gergeean event gives opportunity to reunite all the family members and celebrate the good time enjoy delicious food and sweet candies.

Mother and Daughter Dresses

For little girls, it is amazing to wear just like their mothers. For your assistance, Riva Kuwait gives an access to mom and daughter dresses in form of lace overlay cut out puff sleeves outfit, organza tie neck flocked dress, sleeveless lurex tweed trimmed grosgrain dress and rhinestone tweed buttoned jacket.

Formal Outfits for Girls

Nothing is as pleasurable for parents as seeing the little ones well-dresses on special occasions. Wearing traditional cute dresses make your kids adorable. You can choose from a wide range of materials, colors and styles to make the event full of fun. Printed shirts, waistcoats, trousers, formal suits and two-piece dresses are comfortable and stylish. Comfort is the foremost priority that supports kids to feel free and move as they like. Always select the right size and material for keeping the little champs in high spirits. There are endless options to give your little girls dazzling appearance. There are a lot of colors to make the costume right for the Gargeean.

After the spread of Coronavirus deadly disease, strict measures are applied for maintaining social distancing. In Kuwait, the pandemic has brought positive changes. Instead of forgetting this historical event, people have discovered creative ways to celebrate the Gargeean. There are great online offers covering Riva promo code so parents can select the most exceptional dresses for kids and post their beautiful pictures on social media. Kids wearing the matchless traditional attire are capable to get valuable prizes. Even the deadly Covid-19 cannot bind people to stop celebrating this historical Kuwaiti tradition.