Thursday, July 18, 2024

Gold Hoop Earrings Worth Coveting in 2022

Hoops have been a casual favourite of girls for decades. While large hoops have been beloved as junk jewellery, small gold hoop earrings have been a common choice for little girls. However, with the many changes in trends and evolutions in jewellery designs, gold hoop earrings have emerged in many different forms and designs.

Here are a few designs to consider to keep you in style in 2022!

  1. Large hoops with gold details

Earrings in plain gold look the most exquisite for any traditional outfit or look. Due to this, earrings in solid gold with intricate gold detailing along the hoops can be the perfect accessory to complete that traditional look. These designs look exquisite but with a toned-down appeal lent by the hoop style. Due to this, this gold hoop earrings style is ideal for slightly casual traditional events, such as festival celebrations among families.

  1. Geometric gold hoop earrings

Gold hoop earrings need not always be that perfect circle, and the rise of the trend of geometric hoops is evidence of that! These lend a casual, chic look to you, making such hoops ideal for the office or any casual gathering. You can get them in yellow, rose, or white gold as you wish since their chic beauty shines in all shades.

  1. Pearl embellished hoops

Pearl and gold jewellery is on the rise, and gold hoop earrings are not left out in the trend! Pearl and gold hoops look ethereal and add a quotient of incredible glamour to your look, regardless of what you are wearing! This also makes it a common choice for simpler traditional attires, bringing out the beauty in you.

  1. Eternity-style diamond hoops

Much like pearl and gold, diamond and gold create another exquisite combination for jewellery. And eternity-style gold hoop earrings take the cake for being one of the most simple but brilliant designs you can lay your eyes on! With glittering diamonds lining the entire piece, these hoops are sure to make you feel like a million bucks and can be styled well with traditional and western outfits alike!

  1. Hoop jhumka earrings

Jhumka earrings have been a beloved piece in the Indian jewellery scenario since forever, and hoop jhumkas are one of the recent designs that have garnered much attention from jewellery lovers. You can get them as single-layered or multi-layered jhumkas on gold hoop earrings per your preferences and requirements. The combination of hoops and jhumkas make for a piece that combines casual and effortless charm with centuries-old tradition. Now that’s what we call fusion at its best!

Hoops earrings have long been loved, both in India and in Western culture. However, with the many creative innovations that have come up in recent times, it is no surprise that gold hoop earrings have become one of the most beloved styles of Indian women. So, if you want to expand your hoops collection in 2022, you know that these designs are a must-have!