Thursday, June 13, 2024

How To Introduce The Cirilla’s Sex Store To A Male Partner?

People would assume that pleasing a male partner can be quite easy, but truth to be told, after a few months of regular sex sessions, us guys can get a bit bored. The best ways to bring back the passion for sex into the bedroom is to introduce your male partner to Cirilla’s sex store, where they can pick out some of the items that they want to try in the bedroom.

What is the best way to introduce them to the store?

From my experience, the best way to introduce a guy to Cirilla’s sex store is to purchase them a toy that they will definitely enjoy as a gift. There are quite a lot of toys at Cirilla’s sex store, but if you are planning to get a gift for a male partner, the best thing you can do is get them a flashlight. There are all kinds of male masturbators out there, and some of them might even come in the shape of their favorite pornstar’s vagina. When shopping for a sex toy for your male partner, make sure you get a model that is not too small for their pecker, as it can be quite awkward to give them a toy that they just cannot fit around their tool.

Show them the source

Once they have some fun with the sex toy, you can show them where you got it, and suggest that they check out all the toys that are available. If you want them to try some things out, you can subtly suggest them to it. Of course, if you are planning to get your male partner into BDSM, the best thing you can start with are simple toys like a buttplug, a paddle, or some whips.

If they happen to be a bit startled by your suggestion, you can always suggest that you are going to compromise by getting something for yourself from the store based on their choice. In case you happen to be a woman, there are all kinds of things that any guy would like to see their partner in from the lingerie section, so that is probably the best place to show them. Of course, you can also get something from the BDSM section for your male partner to use on you, as long as you are comfortable with their choice.