Thursday, June 13, 2024

Is it a safe decision to shift to a dedicated server?

By the term ‘dedicated hosting’ we mean, the website will be operated through only one server, and not shared by any other user. This does provide a website with a lot of flexibility and power. But you need to do your bit of research before you finally settle for this kind of hosting plan. This would ensure that you are taking the right steps.

As stated before, an unmetered dedicated server undeniably is one of the most powerful hosting plans for any business. But the next question that arises is, do you need it? Let us run through the points below so that you can consider from your wallet and requirements point of view:

There is growth in your website and its traffic needs to get handled

If you feel that your website will take a leap and grow quickly, then opting for this kind of server comes as a well-planned decision. If your website is still run by a shared server or hosting plan, then if traffic spikes happen, you will notice its level of performance dropping significantly. This might end up losing you a lot of money. It would be good to migrate your site to a dedicated server and gradually settle with it before issues start to arise.

Make sure that at all times your website is capable of managing spikes of more than 30 times of your everyday traffic. If you are not well prepared your website might crash or it could garner a negative user experience, which no one wants.

Pay attention to your site’s security

For every website, big or small, security is of significant importance. When it comes to handling all your sensitive details, you need to be extra cautious with the overall security measures that your site follows. Protecting your website from fraudulent activates, viruses, and other sorts of risks is vital, and you need to stay prepared.

With a dedicated server, you are the one who is wholly in charge of the security of your site. This means for specific needs; you can even optimize features as and when you need to. You will also be responsible for how every feature gets implemented. This also provides you with great flexibility.

Your host should provide you with semi-managed and completely managed options. This way, both will know the boundaries and the host will know when and where they must step in when some technical errors arise.