Sunday, June 16, 2024

Is It Worth Buying Huawei Mateebook 15?

The Huawei matebook 15 is the latest launch of the Chinese company, especially in the mid ranges. The company has made a big name in the laptop segment despite being known for smartphones in the west. Ideally, at first glance, the laptop has been quite impressive, and of course, it takes some cues from Apple. But, above all, if you are looking for a stylish mid-range laptop, you should surely buy this laptop.


To start with, the laptop is an all-metal chassis instead of plastic that you can expect for a mid-range. Furthermore, the computer is giving solidity to its MacBook rival. Even though the laptop has a metallic build, the best part is that it is still lightweight, weighing around 1.53 kg which perfectly aligns with 16.9mm height. Above all, the machine is perfectly portable. Besides, the adapter’s weight is 159gms. The laptop also features a 3.5mm combo.


AMD’s Ryzen 3500U processor is a fantastic choice for a laptop, and a blend of 8GM ram offers you a tremendous regular speed besides occasional 3D acceleration when you would need it. In addition, you can use Huawei matebook 15 to play some older games featuring 1080p resolution.

The laptop’s keyword isn’t as fluttery as Macbook, but it indeed has shallow travel time. The best part about buying the computer is that it has the bonus of including technology that quickly reads the user’s fingerprints, and it’s fantastic to sign in with a touch bar. The laptop saves your fingerprint in its boots, and you can easily use it to log in to Windows, so you don’t need to press it any other time. No doubt it is a little thing, but it is fantastic to use the device. All you can expect is a seamless user experience.

Thin bezels surround the screen in an impressive way that keeps up the overall size down, and it offers a premium and contemporary look to the laptop. Unfortunately, it means the webcam isn’t situated on the screen, but you can find it inbuilt on your keyboard. With a camera icon, you can find it between the F6 and F7 buttons.

You can get some level of privacy by pressing it. You can get a popup as a webcam. But the location isn’t everyone’s taste. But the best part is that the laptop does a fantastic job of making it a pocket-friendly mid-range laptop. When you buy it then you can get an expensive feel without a doubt. Besides that, the computer adds a few more innovative features.

Battery Life

The laptop’s battery life is quite decent. The best part is that it features a USB port which means you can use any charger to charge it, which means you don’t need to stress even if you forget your charger. You should surely buy Huawei matebook 15 if you are looking for a mid-range stylish laptop, and of course, the hardware is attractive.