Saturday, May 25, 2024

Make Your Nose Beautiful With The New Nose Augmentation Technique

Many of us dream of getting the perfect nose. Especially if you are in the film industry or a celebrity, you will want to get the perfect photo. Such a situation calls for nose augmentation or nose surgery (ทำ จมูก, which is the term in Thai).

The nose is critically the center of your beautiful face. It helps to create a dimension for your face. If you have a short nose, then it makes the face dimensional. However, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful nose. But fret not! With the help of nose surgery, you can make your nose look beautiful.

Let Us Know The Basics Of 4D Nose Augmentation

4D Nose Augmentation

It is a new technique where you can adjust your nose shape according to your face. With the help of advanced medical procedures, doctors would be able to adjust your nose with the help of operations. Although not everyone is suitable for nose augmentation. Especially people who have problems with nasal structure asymmetry can indulge in 4D nose augmentation. Here is the kind of people who can opt for the nose augmentation technique.

·       Hump Nose

People who have the bridge of the nose tripped look for the rhinoplasty procedure to enhance the shape of the lip.

·       Dimensional Flat Nose

The flat nose bridge does not add proper dimension to the face. Hence people having flat nose bridges must choose professional medical personnel to do the process of rhinoplasty.

·       Small Nose

Especially people having small noses would find less meat around the nose bridge when they pull. In such cases, if the rhinoplasty is not done properly, then the Silicon would protrude after the process of augmentation.

Techniques Used For Nose Augmentation

There are various kinds of techniques involved in 4D nose augmentation. The process utilizes silicon material to create a new shape of the nose. Not only the decorative technique of nose augmentation adds beauty to the nose, but at the same time it adds dimension as well. People can opt for three types of augmentation techniques, including the open rhinoplasty technique, semi-open rhinoplasty, and closed rhinoplasty.

In Conclusion

After getting nose augmentation, the person must take care of the nose properly. You must adhere to the rules and regulations before and after the surgery. Especially if anyone decides to get a nose job, they must choose an experienced medical practitioner to do the surgery.