Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit over 100 years old. He lives in his hometown of Shire and is fond of adventure by nature. In an adventure experience when he was young, he got the supreme ring from the monster Gulu. This ring was forged by the dark demon Soren. It has the evil force that enslaves the world and can command several other rings of power. In the battle between the Human Alliance and the orcish army 3000 years ago, the Alliance won, After thousands of years, the Ring fell into Gulu’s hands and Bilbo happened to get it.

Bilbo’s heart is also affected by his relationship with The Lord of the Rings. At his 111th birthday party, Bilbo decides to leave everything to his nephew Frodo (Elia Wood) to continue taking risks.

Bilbo’s good friend Gandalf (Ian McLean), the Grey robed wizard, knows the secret of the Supreme Ring. At the same time, Sauron, the Dark Lord, already knows that his ring is in the hands of the Hobbit. Sauron is rebuilding Sabarado, gathering countless Orcs to seize the Ring and conquer the world.

Gandalf persuades Frodo to escort the Ring to Ravenhill, the Elven Kingdom. Accompanied by his good friends Sam, Pippin and Merry, Frodo gets the help of Prince Aragon of Gondor at the Jumping Horse Hotel. After going through difficulties, he finally arrives at the Elven Kingdom.

However, the Elves are unwilling to keep this evil Supreme Ring. The representatives of various countries in China met to discuss and reached an agreement to send the Supreme Ring to the flames of the Doomsday Mountains for complete destruction. Frodo stepped forward to accept the task. This time, in addition to three good friends, he was accompanied by Gandalf, Aragon, the Elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom), the human Boramir, and the dwarf Jinli.

Along the way, the Lord of the Rings Expeditionary Force not only wanted to escape the pursuit of the Black Knights and the Orcs of Sauron’s minions, but also had to resist the evil temptation of the Supreme Lord of the Rings. The future was difficult. If you want to watch free movies online, you can enter from here.

The Lord of the Rings Review

After reading, I was so excited that I couldn’t speak. Like the exit of a movie theater, there are many ideas that can’t wait to flow out, but they stand silent at the door, and I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know if it is because the sound effect in the cinema is too lifelike, which makes people resonate with the characters in the film and feel confused. But some of them really wanted to cry. The fragility of human nature is like a magic ring, which sends out a burning flame, and is suddenly hit by it every time.

The wizard Gandalf is a wise man. His magic power is limited, but his wisdom and mind make him the “light” of the ring guards. Facing difficulties is the only way for a person to grow. On this long road, people always look forward to a guide. He is not omniscient, but can use his wisdom and soul to guide your growth. Suddenly, Gandalf was swept into hell by the burning devil. This “light” suddenly went out, in order to guide the later people on the road safely. Coming out of the cave, every ring guard has tears in his eyes. Apart from sadness, is there a sense of disillusionment about life and the way ahead?

The death of Boromir. In order to protect Merry and Pippin, he was hit by the black feather arrow of Uruk hai, a strong orc, but he still did not give up the fight. His refusal to fall is reminiscent of Mel Gibson in Brave Heart. Human beings always radiate tenacious spiritual strength at the last moment when the fire of life goes out. At that moment, the world is shrouded in inexplicable pity.

Frodo stood alone by the river, tears sliding down his face, which showed his helplessness and loneliness. How difficult is it for a person to make a choice? If he chooses to stick to it, how hard will he have to go through to overcome difficulties and move forward?

In the face of the Ring, every living creature is facing torture, which is directed at the soul. This torture can not be solved by “facing good” or “facing evil”. Because this is not a simple binary pair vertical test question.

Human nature and other creatures have their own vulnerability, so even if they choose the good, they can also be vulnerable to other directions, just like the Queen of the Forest. What is more terrible is that the use of evil means to achieve the purpose of good, the essence of which is to fight against evil and vice against evil. Just like Boromir carrying his father’s order to take the Ring, it is due to the lack of firm human belief and the weakening of inner strength.