Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Yummiest Rose Water Drink Recipes To Keep You Cool During Summers

Rose water has long been associated with a divine fragrance and several health benefits. One can come across various rose water drink recipes online that taste excellent. Apart from drinks, rose water is also added to multiple cuisines and desserts like kulfi and falooda, thanks to its aroma and unique essence

Add A Quick Splash Of Rose Water To Make These Drinks

1) Flavoured Iced Coffee

You have had the usual iced coffee before, but did you try adding a quick splash of rose water to it? One of the best rose water drinks is flavored iced coffee. Create this easy-to-make drink by mixing coffee, milk, sugar, rosewater, and ice. It is the floral essence of the rose water that can make the coffee delicious.

2) Rose Water Lemon And Mint Spritzer

The rose water lemon and mint spritzer is the best rose water drink you will have during summers. It is a refreshing drink with bright rose petals, mint notes, and freshly sliced lemon wedges. Nothing beats the magic of this rose water drink to beat the scorching heat.

3) Rose Water Gin Cocktail

For those who love a little dose of alcohol during the weekend parties, the rose water gin cocktail is your way to go. This romantic cocktail can level up your romance during weekend dates. The gin cocktail recipe is a refreshing drink made unique with a distinctive floral flavour.

4) Lebanese Rose Drink

The delicious Lebanese rose drink is enjoyed through the season because of its light. This particular rose drink is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. The classic drink originating from the Middle Eastern parts stays true to the booze-free trend.

5) Rosewater Lemonade

The rosewater lemonade is one of the classic third-quenching rose drink recipes with a floral and an aromatic twist. To impress your guests, you can try whipping this rosewater lemonade drink at your next party.

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