Thursday, June 13, 2024

Top Physical Therapy Exercises To Relieve Back Pain Issues

The most painful and uncomfortable type of pain is back pain. It is a prevalent condition that affects a majority of individuals after the age of 30. Despite that, it can affect anyone at any age. It is a widespread form of pain that most people experience at some point in their lives. Depending on the condition, there are as many as 10 back pain exercises recommended by the therapists at the time of treatment.

Physical therapy has become increasingly popular as a suitable solution for back pain problems. It is viewed as the most effective method of managing back pain.

What Does Physical Therapy Mean, And How Is It Helpful?

It is the best solution for back pain management as it focuses on resolving the pain issues from its base rather than just treating the current symptoms. It is essential to treat back pain issues from their roots as they might occur again and again.

A physical therapist will first evaluate the back condition and then determine the perfect cause for the pain. After analyzing it, they will create a treatment plan to be followed religiously to avoid the pain.

Why Is Exercise One Of The Critical Components Of Back Pain Relief?

Exercising the right way helps take care of the consistent back pain issues. A physical therapist designs a specific exercise routine for the patient that targets a particular muscle that supports the spinal cord. Strengthening the core muscles of the back is essential when it comes to healing the pain.

Building the muscle support of the spine with the help of relevant exercises will improve the core strength of the spine. In a way, exercising also helps improve overall mobility and reduce tension.

What Are The Standard 10 Back Pain Exercises Prescribed By The Therapists?

A therapist will always suggest the best solutions by looking at the patient’s current condition. They will mainly concentrate on suggesting exercises related to core strengthening, back stretching exercises, low-impact aerobics, and other types of extension exercises. The top 10 exercises are:

  • Cat And Cow Yoga Pose
  • Hip Flexor Stretching
  • Upper Body Lift Exercises
  • Leg Raises
  • Bird Dog Yoga Stretch
  • The Bridge Yoga Pose
  • Good Morning Yoga Pose
  • Knee-To-Chest Pull-Ins
  • Seated Lower Back Rotations
  • The Yogic Child’s Pose

In addition to these exercises, there are other techniques, such as heat therapy, ice therapy, electrical stimulations, and even manual therapy, depending on the patient’s condition.