Thursday, June 13, 2024

Why are shared servers good for startups?

We often hear the term shared hosting. But what is shared hosting? Shared hosting is a server where multiple websites use the server to host the website. What is the use of it? Well, this type of hosting is cheaper and hence it is perfect for small businesses and startups.

Advantages of using a shared server

Choosing shared hosting has a lot of advantages. Here are some of the basic advantages:

Inexpensive –

The primary reason why people opt for shared servers, like WeHaveServers.com, is because they are very affordable and hence start-up businesses do not need to shell out a huge amount of money and pay for a private server. This is because in a shared server multiple websites use the server and hence the cost of operating the server gets distributed.

Easy to operate –

Setting up shared hosting is quick and easy. Most hosting companies give a control panel and employee monitoring software through which you can administer your website. The administrative activities and any monitoring responsibilities involved in running a server are managed through this simplified user experience.

Flexible –

Emerging online businesses can start with a shared plan and easily upgrade as their business expands.

Has the ability to host dynamic websites –

Dynamic websites change their appearance depending on who is visiting them. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc prominent dynamic websites, and Joomla and WordPress too are popular dynamic web content platforms. Alternate programming languages such as PHP, Python, Perl, which can operate on a shared server, are used in dynamic web pages and CMSs.


When it comes to creating a company’s website, there is indeed a lot that you don’t know, although there are some elements you can concentrate on. If you aim at starting your site with a significant advertising campaign, chances are you won’t draw a lot of traffic when it first launches. In this instance, a web page is unlikely to require a large amount of bandwidth. Furthermore, unless you are confident of the quantity of the contents and photos you will produce, it is difficult to estimate how much space you will require. Such unknown factors can be addressed with shared hosting.