Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why Is Amba Sauce Good For Our Health?

Mangoes are famous worldwide, we all love eating mangoes, and their sweetness adds bliss to our summers. If you don’t know what Amba Sauce is, you are missing out on a lot. In this quick guide, you will learn everything you need to know about this delicious sauce that is gaining popularity worldwide. It’s a perfect mix of tangy, sweet, and spicy.

What Is Amba Sauce?

Made up of pickled green mangoes, turmeric, chili, fenugreek, vinegar, and salt, Amba sauce is a pickle condiment. It is believed to be of Indian- Jewish origin. It is a tangy mango pickle used in recipes; you can eat it with many food items.

According to the traditional method, sliced green mangoes are put in a glass jar with salt and left to dry in the sun. After they dry, the mixture is simmered with spices and sugar. Water is added to achieve the perfect consistency according to our preferences. It should be cooled once and stored in the refrigerator. Like other pickles, it stays fresh for days.

Health Benefits

When you look at the key ingredients used in making this sauce, you will know why it is a healthy option for all of us. Regularly consuming the sauce in advocate quantity will give you the following health benefits:

  1. This sauce has probiotics. A lot of these probiotics are gut-friendly.
  2. It has quality ingredients like turmeric and fenugreek, which have numerous health benefits. Turmeric is believed to improve heart health and aids in arthritis, digestive disorders, and allergies. Fenugreek reduces the risk of diabetes and improves weight loss. It also reduces inflammation.
  3. It is loaded with antioxidants.
  4. It is suitable for people who have harmful cholesterol levels.
  5. It is excellent for diabetic patients.
  6. It boosts the immunity of our body. Antioxidants and probiotics are good for our immunity.
  7. It improves memory and concentration power. The ingredients in Amba sauce make it suitable for our brain health.


You can enjoy this delicious sauce with chicken, tofu, fish, or steak. It is versatile, delicious, and a must-try option. You can also add some yogurt and use it as a dip for vegetables. If you love this sweet and tangy sauce, do not eat it more than specified. The key is to eat a limited quantity.

Its tanginess and fruity pop make it so unique worldwide. Check out Amba sauce if you want to try something new and satisfy your taste buds.