Sunday, April 14, 2024

Contest Prep Coach Ideas for Beginners

by coach/owner Tom Rutherford Truth Contest Prep

So you’ve been looking at muscle magazines and all the fitness competitors on social media and you are ready to get your mind wrapped around doing a show?! There are so many things to ponder and consider about getting your ideas in mind straight to be able to compete in such an interesting and let’s just say it, weird, sport! Not everybody wants to be in their underwear in front of 1000 people for fun. This article will give you some ideas for the first few steps to get the most out of you competing plans! Whether you were looking at bodybuilding, bikini, physique, teens, open, masters—there is a division for you! Follow along with these three rules that will help you get your mind ready to be the next champion!

Competition Prep Pro Tips for Women

1. Go to a show:

Yes you must actually physically go to a competition, sit there, scream, yell, enjoy! Go ahead and see what it’s all about. This might’ve just been a big fantasy in your mind and once you actually get there you might be end it with a big understanding that this might not be for you. At first it is rather shocking seeing people walk around and strut like pieces of meat on stage. But even my super Christian mother-in-law after 15 minutes was able to pick up the better physiques from the less and enjoyed the show. So first thing is to get a seat and get your butt in it to see a competition!

2. Get in the gym/find a friend:

One of the biggest things to your determination and motivation is to see your body changing. I would usually suggest people spend at least a year or two in the gym building their body before stepping on stage. Now there’s always some nasty crazy 300 pound muscle freak coming out of the garage that nobody has seen before… If that is you give me a call lol. But getting in the gym consistently five days a week working on your cardio will allow you to start to grow. Finding a friend or competition buddy to train with will also allow you to push past your physical barriers training with a like-minded person.

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3. Get a competition coach:

Winging it is only good when you’re eating at Hooters. This is neither the place or the time to go out there and screw up in front of a lot of people including possibly your friends and family. You can read as many muscle books as you want, see as many YouTube videos as you can, but nothing accounts to have a set of eyes personalized on you and your goal to help you succeed the most on stage. A contest prep coach, like myself, would be happy to help you and give you ideas to keep you safe and injury free well getting ready for the stage. At Truth Contest Prep my company, I am able to provide exact eating recommendations as well as training recommendations that will help you build the body and the symmetry you are looking for. Also providing direct help for “hell week“ will be your biggest friend being able to safely cutting water and finding the best way to get the most definition out of your physique. This is also the most dangerous time of all the competitions so working with the coach will not only help you place higher but also keep you safe physically.

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