Saturday, May 25, 2024

Zoom Fatigue: What is it, and How to Avoid it?

Any workload, especially the heavy and rushed ones, is naturally burdensome and may cost a person time and stress to accomplish. Complying with a job requires little to moderate sacrifice, but in this online setup – people are forced to work harder and consequently get burned out more.

Alarmingly, the rise of Zoom meetings and other virtual practices is taking its toll on everyone’s aspects of health. These days, people are forced to adhere to the demands of Work-From-Home (WFH) setups by working in front of the screen for an unbearably long time. Should the COVID-19 pandemic continue and not die down anytime soon, Virtual Assistant (VA) companies in the Philippines must advise their VAs to do the following:

Focus on the Call

Since there is only 2.5 percent of people who can multi-task, based on a study, it is recommended to concentrate on doing your single task rather than multiple at once.

Change Up Communication Channels

Aside from Zoom, there are plenty of online applications made for communication. You will have a hiatus from the usual communication interface you see daily by exploring your options (like Skype, email, Google Meet, etc.).

Take Breaks

Hardworking and overly dedicated people tend to forget how essential breaks are. Rest is a must since it refreshes your mind and recharges your energy for the following tasks.

Give Yourself More Space

Remember, taking good care of yourself is never synonymous with slacking off or unproductivity. Breathe and take your time.

Generally, fatigues are inevitable but can be controlled. Companies like to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines since Filipinos are known as hard workers, but it does mean they should overwork their employees. If anything, companies must take better care of them due to the grave challenges this pandemic is causing alone.

At OVA Virtual, they look after their VAs with sympathy, care, and utmost protection. If you wish to join their growing team, check this infographic.

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