Sunday, June 16, 2024

How Does The DCM Model Become The Conventional Mechanism?

In today’s era, every work is done based on machinery, not manually. There comes the Lead Screw Model DCM (ลีดสกรู รุ่น DCM, which is the term In Thai) that has irresistible features with a high-efficiency feed screw.

It reduces costs by more than 50{978aa50d9e0cc3a5a1efbe6119a8681addb87433a8f1193db888f468535ecad6} and has combined with a moulded die-forged nut and rolled screw shaft of high-precision.

What Is A Lead Screw?

Sometimes you can call it a power screw or translation screw. Basically, lead screws have been used in screw jacks, linear actuators, machine tools, presses, and vices. In layman’s language, it is used in motion control devices to turn movements into linear movements or transform rotary.

It has moved by the nut in one 360 degree revolution of the nut or the shaft. The tighter thread can result in more precise linear motion if the lead is more minor.

What Is Lead Screw Design?

It has three components: the screw shaft is a cylindrical rod with one or more helical grooves along its length, known as the external thread. Then the second component is the thread structure, which allows the screw shaft and nut to slide across one another, translating rotational motion into linear motion.

And lastly, the nut is a cylindrical section with an internal thread that matches the external thread of the screw shaft.

With the lead screw model DCM and its components, every efficiency can be tested and used to give the best result without incurring extra costs to put in any machinery.

Which Best Material Has Been Used For Lead Screws?

As we know, lead screws are not something casual to take, so the company develops the same user the best material to build the best screw so that it does not involve any extra effort to give desired results.

The standard material used is stainless steel 1.4301, AISI 304. So it is 100{978aa50d9e0cc3a5a1efbe6119a8681addb87433a8f1193db888f468535ecad6} corrosion free and is also available in aluminium with low wear. So to choose the lead screw model DCM, you can consider and check its efficiency, speed, life, lubricant, duty cycle, load capacity, water resistance capacity and more things.

Because DCM has better mechanical properties with different shaft end supports machining, it also increases wear resistance, which is considered one of the best. So you can check the DCM model by yourself and update it with the same in your system.