Saturday, May 25, 2024

How To Check Your Emirates ID Renewal Status?

You are probably here because you want to know about your emirates id renewal status. Isn’t it? But before that, how about if we recap a bit?

Let’s begin with the basics. Emirates ID is the most significant form of identification that an individual needs to retain at all times during their stay in the UAE. Be it anywhere, UAE residents need to carry their IDs to get access to almost every e-service. However, the problem arises when it runs out during your stay. In such a case, the next immediate question that strikes your mind is how to renew the ID. To answer this, here’s a guide briefing about the basics to renew your Emirates ID. Let’s begin!

When To Renew Your Emirates ID?

The duration to renew the expired Emirates ID card is 30 days from the date of expiry. Any ID holder renewing after this duration will need to pay unnecessary fees or will be charged for late fines.

Ideally, FAIC (Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship) will send a notification to every resident through SMS requesting to renew the ID card. Consequently, individuals need to submit the renewal application online via the FAIC website or in person at a verified typing center. For security purposes, you might be asked to provide your biometric details in the FAIC center as well.

How Fast Can The Emirates ID Be Renewed?

Let’s talk about both UAE nationals and UAE residence visa holders. Generally,

  • UAE nationals can step into the renewal process between 6-1 month prior to the ID expiry date.
  • UAE residence visa holders are eligible to apply for renewal only when they renew or reissue their residence visas.

Emirates ID Renewal Requirements

The UAE is highly strict when it comes to rules and regulations. Upon expiry, individuals need to renew their ID immediately to avoid unnecessary headaches. Hence, while renewing your UAE ID, ensure having the following documents at hand.

  • Passport
  • Credit card
  • Current ID card
  • UAE Visa

Alongside, individuals need to scan and upload a few documents as well. These include,

  • UAE Visa (Scan)
  • Current ID card ( front and back scan)
  • Passport Photo
  • Passport (details page)

And that’s all. In case you wish to change your passport photo, it must be taken within the last 3 months before applying for a renewal. Not to forget, in case you miss the SMS reminder, it is safe to mark it in your calendar to ensure you apply for the renewal process at an accurate time to avoid any unnecessary or additional penalty.


The Emirates ID card is the gateway to almost every activity that you do in the UAE. Hence, before it expires, it is vital to make sure that you don’t miss applying for a renewal and checking the emirates id renewal status at regular intervals.

If in doubt, connect with the experts at Emirabiz today to get guidance throughout the process to make sure your renewal application is error-free and precise.