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The Essential Information for First-Time Visitors to Japan

Traveling to Japan For the First Time (Top Tips for Places to Visit, What to See and More) • Sarah Chetrit's Lust Till Dawn

As Japan becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination, more and more people from all over the world are making the journey there.  One of the main selling points of this place is that it is unlike almost wherever else they have gone. One of the best parts of visiting Japan is getting to experience the local culture firsthand, including the language, cuisine, and customs. Therefore, we have produced a list of the luxury japan tours tips that we are certain will enhance your experience in Japan.

Have a firm grasp on the journey you want to take

It will be helpful to have an early grasp of some of these differences and some of the opportunities afforded by those differences when you plan your journey.  It’s feasible that doing so may allow you to have the most enjoyable vacation possible while making the most of the money you spend.  It’s a common misconception that a trip to Japan would need a lot of time and money on your part, but this is not always the case.  You won’t break the bank by visiting, and in many ways it may provide more bang for your buck than Australia, but you also won’t be able to travel across the country on the same tight budget as you would in many South and South-east Asian countries. Booking high-end vacations in Japan requires pinpoint accuracy.

Think about whether or not you really need a Japan Rail Pass before you buy one

Many customers have complained to us, in person and online, about their discontent with the JR Pass. There is no set course that must be followed to reach depression.  We hear from customers who purchased it after hearing rave reviews but couldn’t fit it into their schedule since they were already committed to other plans. We also hear from others who missed out on what may have been an exceptional deal because they were ignorant of it in time.  Both options expose you to the danger of spending excessively on your vacation, and everyone wants to make the most of their hard-earned cash.

The Shinkansen is Japan’s high-speed rail system

In addition, a price increase of almost 70{0de57f126557c636f9bb29421f39fd4851add41eb5a27b9fecf65229c65ed465} was predicted for October of 2023. If you’re planning a trip after that date, you should definitely read this updated information on the prices and advantages of JR passes.

Japan Trip Considerations

If you’re even considering a trip to Japan, you should look into how much of a bargain a Japan Rail Pass would be for you as soon as possible so you can make an informed choice about whether or not to get one.  Most of the time, determining whether it’s feasible won’t take long at all; but, there will be times when the order in which you plan to make your trips is crucial.


A multi-city flight is one that departs from one airport and lands at another.  We relied on this tactic often throughout our stay in Japan, and we think you should too.  If you don’t have to circle back to your starting point, you may be able to save both time and money.