Thursday, June 13, 2024

Is It Possible To Have A Copyright On Street Art Paintings?

It was the first time a man left a mark on the wall of his cave, creating a picture that made history. It can be considered an example of street art.

But today, the increasing commercial value of street art makes it one of the popular subjects of discussion. It is known to enhance the cityscape while creating a whole new genre of attractive local art markets. Nowadays, tourists are also attracted to such forms of art. It helps contribute to the gentrification of an area. The question is whether one can have a copyright on street art painting.

The Question Of A Copyright Claim

Indeed, popular, lucrative, and edgy street art is now the center of big money business. The original work can have a selling price in the millions. However, the eligibility of corporate protection is questionable. We all know the fact that street art is a concept that has been introduced previously. It has been there since the time of the memorial, and presently, it is not going away. The surprising part is that any famous Street artist can sell the best street art paintings for more than six figures. But the question of copyright to preserve and protect the art should be the need of the hour.

As long as people are driven to commercialize street art, copyright issues will exist. One must pay particular attention to visualize that the law should be able to accommodate the needs of street artists. It should provide them with the right tool and power to protect their interest against companies exploiting the artwork commercially.

Does It Have A Copyright Status?

After fierce controversies, the best street art paintings have been granted the acknowledgment of copyright. Using it without permission can infringe on the moral right of the artist. Street art has always existed at the fringes of society. Therefore it won’t be a thing of a surprise if it exists at the edges of copyright law. However, to conclude about the mainstream success of street art, one can rightly see that it has brought commercial success. Hence if a person is expecting litigation, there should be money. However, diverse issues surrounding Street art and copyrights are still unsettled. Sometimes, the situation may be in the doldrums. These issues are persistent even if the settlements are cheaper and more accessible than wading through the legal waters.