Saturday, May 25, 2024

Know How You Can Prepare Your 1st Grader For Written Entrance Exam?

Young children love going to school because of how they get to participate in various school activities like playing with their peer group. The children aren’t ever stressed out about their ongoing class tests and exams. However, when they grow older that they experience different tests and exams that don’t only challenge the child’s memory but also their intelligence level.

Here’s how you can prepare for the 1st-grade entrance exam in the English language (เตรียม สอบ เข้า ม 1 ภาษา อังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai)

How To Prepare Kids For The 1-Grade Entrance Exam?

If your child is about to face the English language written tests for the first time, then here are some of the ways through which you can help them out.

Support Them Emotionally

Since it is your child’s first ever English language written test, then they might be pretty tensed over it. Rather than pressurizing your little toddlers, try and support them emotionally. Always look out for their emotional requirements and support them completely. Once your child starts getting confidence and comfort from you, they will come out with flying colours.

Talk About The Feelings

Always ask and discuss your child’s feelings on how to prepare for the 1-grade entrance exam in the English language. Practice empathy when listening to your child’s feelings about the entrance exam they are about to sit for. Your empathy will push them to become more vocal. Help your child to manage their feeling and talk to them regarding how the exam will help them with academic growth.

Give Them The Confidence They Need

If your child is worried about giving the test, then take it as a natural gesture and give them the confidence lacking in their life. Confidence plays a crucial part in helping your child perform better in their exam.

Calm Your Child

If your child is feeling anxious, help them feel relaxed and calm by instilling them some breathing measures. Calm your child by teaching them how to inhale and exhale better and get rid of anxiety. You also have to tell your child and encourage them to stay tension-free at all costs. Love and support them more.

Improve their Learning Competency: Since giving a written test needs your child to learn first, you can always begin your child to learn first for the entrance test. Once your younger one begins to memorize the answers in their mind, they will become confident in sitting for the exam.

While it is normal for your child to grow anxious and feel less confident during their test, you can prepare for the 1-grade entrance exam in the English language better by following these tips. These tips will ensure that you help your child approach their first entrance exam in the English language more confidently.