Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Best TV Units Online For Your Living Room

Nothing compares to the joy of cosying up on a couch and binge-watching a show with your family or friends. The TV is an indispensable part of our lives, and hence how and where you place that entertainment unit is an important decision in terms of design. A well-designed TV unit where you can mount the TV on a frame or place the entire unit on a TV cabinet acts as a great focal point in the living room. There are various websites like Wakefit where you can buy despite the size and budget but read below to know the best TV unit for your space.

Modern TV Unit Designs

If your living room has modern decor, it only makes sense to have a TV cabinet that reflects the same style. The modern TV units are known for simplicity and forgo ornate designs and are characterised by balance. It gives a warm and inviting look to the space. To carry the same design in the TV unit, choose wood or natural wood veneers so that it looks earthy. To make it look warm and inviting, choose warm neutral hues and keeps the lines fuss-free and elegant to give an uncluttered look.

The best TV units online for modern decor are those that have lesser elements but have a standout with signature pieces. These are easy to care for and maintain and are perfect for those who have no time to clean furniture. Minimalistic TV designs are ideal for homes where there is an accent wall.

Classic TV Designs

Trends come and go, and if you want something timeless and like to stay away from fads, then going the classic way is recommended. The classic TV unit design is got from the Roman and Greek cultures. It has a lot of decorative elements and engravings while ensuring there is balance. Usually, high-quality wood is used to make it give an elegant and lavish look. You can tone down the classic look by adding minimalism to it by playing around with the colour palette. Consider brown, beige, chocolate, blacks, whites, or modern greys.

Wooden TV Unit Designs

Wood has and remains a popular choice in Indian homes and never goes out of style. It has rich, warm hues, which give a TV cabinet a perfect look a home needs. Choose solid wood like Sheesham, Teak, etc., which is the popular choice of materials for TV units. It comes in a wide array of textures, finishes, and colours and is so versatile that you can keep it simple or luxurious as per your choice. Additionally, a wooden tv unit for the living room comes with many storage options. You can choose a set of drawers and shelves for storage along with a main TV unit piece. If you are not a great fan of the drawers, you can choose wall-mounted designs which give a clean, sleek, and space-saving look.

Compact TV Unit Design

TV units need not be large and consume lots of floor space. If you only have limited space which is the case in most urban homes, simple tv cabinet designs for living room that occupies less space can be built. Having compact TV units is all about utilising the available space.

TV Cabinets with Shelves

Open shelves are a popular way to add storage as well as decorative elements to the living room. It enhances the aesthetics and gives dedicated storage space for your art pieces. Have shelves of different sizes to decorate the TV unit and instantly change the way the space looks. You can also find photos, books, trophies, memorabilia, plants, etc., on these shelves. TV units with different shapes and sizes and shelves give a unique and different look.

TV Unit Designs with Partitions

Urban apartments have a small living room, so there is not much sace for a dedicated TV unit. So to use the available space wisely, a TV unit should serve multiple functions to make the best use of what is available. One such way is to have a partition TV unit which is a great option for small spaces. A TV unit divides two rooms, like between the dining area and the living room.

Wall-mount Designs

The wall-mount TV design for the living room is one of the latest TV designs. These are installed on the wall and feel like it is floating. They have a streamlined appearance and give a sleek and special look. Since it does not take up any floor space, it makes the room more spacious and clutter-free. The TV can be wall-mounted above shelves and drawers.

Whether you have a small living room or a big one, there are tv unit designs in the living room that suits them all. Put in some open shelves, lighten up the smallest of spaces, or choose an elaborate one for your large living room and instantly enhance the aesthetics.