Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Right Bedsheets Online To Enhance The Look Of Your Room

When someone enters the bedroom, a bed sheet is the one that grabs their attention. Then other things like the bed frame and decor get registered. That is because the bed occupies the most space and the sheet on top of the mattress is the most noticed. A well-chosen bedsheet offers calmness and coziness to the room. It also displays the style and taste of the owner, leaving your guests impressed. But for all this to happen, you should choose the perfect bed sheets online. Here are some of the factors to consider to help you find the perfect sheets from websites like Wakefit, here are some of the factors to consider.


Pick the Right Size

This is one of the major factors to consider when purchasing a bedsheet online. Though it is a no-brainer, it is one of the most overlooked. Additionally, when you are browsing online, there are many options in terms of sizes, and that can be quite confusing. So if you have a king-size bed, choose the same-sized bedsheet; if you are still determining the mattress size, measure it from the right to the left to get the correct width. Use a fabric ruler or tape to measure it. If you are not using fitted bed sheets, then you need to accommodate a few inches extra to tuck into the mattress. Buying sheets with an extra edge gives the best fit for the bedding and accommodates shrinkage if any.


Choice of the Material

One of the most loved fabrics for bed sheets is cotton. That is because it is soft, breathable, and durable. Reputed retailers of bedsheets online use premium cotton or cotton blends to make fabrics even smoother and more comfortable. While softer cotton is comparatively expensive, they are more durable. If you want synthetic wool you can also opt for polyester/cotton blends. They are more affordable, durable, and less prone to wrinkles. The material you choose determines the quality and the look and feel of the bedsheets.


Based on Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is your sleep sanctuary and should be the perfect place to rest. Choosing the right bed sheet quality and color can enhance the room decor and make it look sophisticated, modern, and cozy. When choosing the bedsheets, you should also factor in the furniture in your bedroom. If the interiors are dark-themed or have dark-colored furniture, you should opt for light pastel shades. If you have light-coloured furniture, choose dark shades like mauve or deep red, which complement the room decor.

Colour Combination

The Classic Whites

The white shade is the most preferred color choice for bedsheets. It gives a peaceful and calm feel to the room. It also adds to the elegance of the space. If you don’t prefer solid white, you can opt for beige or cream-coloured bedsheets with pillow covers that suit your bedroom walls. You can also choose a white base along with hues of baby pink, lemon yellow, or light blue.



This is another popular color for bedsheets. It adds an element of natural beauty along with being calm and soothing to the eyes. Some of the most sought-after pastel combinations are green, blue, pink, light gray, mauve, maroon, light green, lavender, peach, and cherry.

Colour Block

Color block bed sheets are ideal for those who like to add pop to their bedroom. It makes the space look cheerful, lively as well as picturesque. You can also choose from an array of several colors available online.

Floral Designs

If you want something that is the epitome of grace, fashion and style, then go for floral designs. These not only add a flavor of nature but also give a sense of calmness. You can opt for detailed or small floral prints or large flowers printed in green, orange, blue, or red.

Neutral Shades

If you are not sure what combination works for your bed, then you can choose neutral shades. They add finesse to the room and also gel with all types of decor. Some of the good neutral shades are light brown, beige, white or light blue, or gray.


Bed Sheets with Borders

Stripes and colorful borders are a good choice for those who like solid sheets with prints. For instance, you can go for pink with lavender borders or lavender with white borders. Checks, blocks, or colorful stripes of yellow and green, orange and green, and white and brown are good choices of color combinations.


Your Mood

The color of the bedsheet and the best comforter online can enhance the mood. If you come home tired after a long day, a bright and colorful bed sheet can enhance your mood. A splash of orange, red, green, and yellow are some of the best mood-enhancing colors. Pastel shades are a good option if you seek peace, calm, and solace. To create a romantic mood, opt for maroon or red. The next time you place a bed sheet on your bed check if it is soothing or cheerful or gloomy and change accordingly.

Return Policy

Despite choosing the bedsheets factoring the above there are some instances when you may want to exchange or return them. That is in fact the best part of online shopping, the ability to return hassle-free when it doesn’t fit into your preferences. So when you shop for bed sheets, ensure that there is a good return policy in place.

When you consider the above factors, choosing the bed sheet that can enhance your bedroom is quite easy. Happy shopping!