Before you opt for standing desk frame, check out the differences and important properties. Let’s start with the desk height. At the optimal height, you can stand your forearms on the work surface at a right angle. This posture should feel comfortable without tensing your back or shoulders. Tall people sometimes have to look a little longer for a suitable desk. Many of the models on offer are too low for them.

Work Surface

The size of the standing desk frame is the limiting factor in your work. Therefore measure the space requirements for all your work equipment. This includes the computer or laptop as well as keyboard and mouse. If you want to turn off a phone, that also takes up space. And whoever drinks a lot will also want to put down a glass. Selecting a standing desk based on the size of the work surface would be wrong. The substructure must also match our requirements. After all, the many devices add up to a lot of weight.


That leads us to the next point:  stability. In order to be able to work in a concentrated manner, the overall construction must be stable and must not wobble under normal stress. Unfortunately, this is often a problem with two-legged laptop tables. Models with a heavy base plate or a metal with front wall offer more stability. The latter, however, have the disadvantage that you cannot work sitting down because there is not enough space for your knees.


In any case, the standing desk should be equipped with castors or wheels so that it can be easily transported. After all, a desk can easily weigh 30 kilograms and more and, because of its size, cannot be carried. A mobile desk can be placed in the desired location depending on your mood – where you want it at the moment.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

The height adjustment has to be discussed in a little more detail. It is easy to imagine that the button is simply pressed and the plate goes up or down. It’s not that easy with most of the standing desks I’ve looked at.

In the case of desks with mechanical height adjustment (most of them are), the work surface must first be cleared so that nothing falls down during adjustment. Alternatively, you can have someone hold the table top on the other side. In that case, the area does not have to be cleared.

It’s great when the height can be continuously adjusted and you don’t need any tools. Some cheap models require an Allen key, which you will find quite inconvenient. Who wants to get tools from the basement every time to adjust the high table?

You will now say: I only have to adjust the desk to my height once. That is not entirely true, because our body size changes in the course of the day. We are a little bigger in the morning than in the evening because our intervertebral discs relax and swell at night. This can lead to fluctuations in size of several centimeters.