Sunday, June 16, 2024


Specialty gym equipment that offers shock absorbency is known as gym flooring. A wide range of materials is used by manufacturers for this purpose. Few examples are rubber and foam. The health and safety of people participating in gym activities on the floor is improved by shock absorption quality. Do you know why gym flooring has so much importance? Unlike the old days, when gymnastics was the only activity to be performed on the floor, these days, there are many activities, exercises and different sports where the floor is used to improve safety for athletes.


A list of benefits is being provided by gym flooring. Gym floors provide a comfortable landing to athletes during tumbles and falls. Gym flooring is popular for its cushioning properties. In comparison with vinyl and wood flooring it provides more shock absorbency. Indoors spaces where frequent stops and fast movements can be dangerous when playing sports like basketball, this flooring is a perfect choice.


You must consider the type of activity to be performed on the gym flooring when you want to select one. There are many options available in the market so you can select the one that suits your needs. Here we will discuss the few options that you may find suitable for you:

Cushion tiles:

A safe and secure workout is provided by cushion tiles to the users of any age. They are composed with special cross-cut geometrical designed high density foam to absorb hock and return the energy back to the floor.

Rubber flooring:

A huge range of benefits is offered by rubber flooring. It is an ideal option for gym flooring preferred by many users. This flooring is extremely durable. It demands very low maintenance. It is also slip resistant and absorbs noise.  With proper installation technique and good care this flooring can last long even up to 20 or more years.

Foam gym tiles:

This flooring is a perfect choice for indoors aerobic rooms where free weights may be used and is also good for exercise rooms. This provides superior indoor safety for such activity rooms. This flooring is extremely shock resistant and still provides a firm surface for few activities like push-ups or sit ups.

Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring is a good choice for aerobic rooms. It is very easy to clean and provides traction because of its slight porous texture. This flooring can maintain its firmness with many people standing on it that is why it is ideal for aerobic rooms.


In addition with these popular gym flooring there are few more types of gym flooring that you can take into consideration. It includes:

Foam tiles are perfect for aerobic activities as they provide good resistance to shock and provide comfort during daily exercises.

Shipping pallets offer temporary flooring and are a very economical option for indoor sports.

It is a fact that gym flooring faces so much abuse, by proper maintenance your gym flooring can last long.