Sunday, June 16, 2024

How to clean kitchen sink drainage?

One of the places in your premise that can attract the most bacteria, germs, and dirt in the kitchen. Also, it is the place that you want to be the most hygienic because food preparation takes place here. So, it is essential to keep the kitchen prim and proper. However, the sink in the kitchen can become clogged and smelly at times. This will make the kitchen stink. So, here is an article that will help you to deal with a clogged kitchen sink. Read the simple tips on how to clean kitchen sink drainage?


Keeping the kitchen clean will impress your guests too. Nowadays, kitchens have become an open area in the premises and hence if the kitchen is smelly; your entire premise will stink.

An important tip:

Sometimes hair or debris can clog the sink. So, first, try to use a snake pipe or a long slim stick that can run down the kitchen sink through the pipe and unclog it. This is one of the first methods that you need to incorporate. If it is a minor clog then the removal of such debris or hair is enough to unclog the sink and allow the flow of water easily.


However, it is good to indulge in a weekly drain cleaning to keep the kitchen sink happy and save yourself the one-time laborious and time-consuming cleaning task.

Let’s go deep in the article to learn about the tricks to keep the kitchen sink free of clogging.

  • Baking soda and vinegar

So, here we are with the most versatile cleaning ingredients that are easily available on your kitchen shelf. Both vinegar and baking soda have cleaning properties. Moreover, there is no investment in expensive cleaners for the job. You can take the bottles from the shelf and put them to the best use.

Before using these ingredients, remove excess food that surrounds the sink. Then allow a pot of boiling water to run down the sink. It may be helpful to remove any items that are causing the pipe to clog. Now, take baking soda (half cup) and put the content in the drain pipe directly. Then pour half a cup of vinegar on top of the baking soda. The chemical reaction between the ingredients will create a sizzling noise. The reaction of the two elements will help to clean the drain.

Allow the fizz to happen for a couple of minutes and you may find that all the clogging is gone thereafter. The potential built-up of dirt and debris is gone and you have a free-flowing sink. Use another pot of boiling water as the concluding step to ensure that the pipe is completely unclogged.

  • Salt and lemon

Yes, you heard it right. This method is also a simple and inexpensive one. You need another brush with ingredients that are easy to find in your kitchen. Use salt and slices of lemon. You will require a few ice cubes also for this technique.

Fill the sink with lemon slices and pour salt on it. Then put the ice cubes in and turn on the tap. Allow the tap to run until the ice melts. Salt helps to clean the blades and ice helps remove grime from the sink. Rock salt can be the most beneficial one for this purpose. So, what is the use of lemon? Lemon is a natural deodoriser and in this case, also, it helps to deodorise the sink.

  • Bleach

Another ingredient that is potentially present in most households is bleach. Bleach can be used with vinegar and baking soda for impactful results.

You can independently use bleach once a month to clear your kitchen pipes. Pour half a cup of bleach in the sink to find good results.

  • Professional assistance

These are simple home remedies that can help to keep the kitchen sink clean and healthy. But apart from this, you have to be ready to seek professional help if the case is a serious one. So call a professional if none of the methods is helping you to get the desired results. You can consider taking such assistance as a precautionary measure and employ such service on a contractual basis too.

There are nooks and corners in the pipe and sink that gather nasty build-up and it is impossible to remove it with DIYs. Hence, professional assistance is a great idea.

You can clean the handles and faucets with a soap-water solution to keep them beaming and skinning. Simply scrub the same and you will be happy to see the results.

Final thoughts

So, next time you find that your kitchen drain is clogged, do not fret.

You have simple tips and tricks to keep the sink clean and unclogged. Moreover, you need to run to the departmental store to buy any expensive cleaners too. You can use any of the steps mentioned above to unclog the kitchen sink and continue with your normal schedule. How to clean kitchen sink drainage – it may seem like a difficult task but it is not.

You just need to be a bit organised and diligent while using the kitchen sink. Ensure not to throw food items in the sink. Instead, garbage it in the bin. Food items are the major hurdles to cause a clogged sink. So, just follow these tips and you can always have a super clean, sanitised, and deodorised kitchen sink waiting to greet you!