Thursday, June 13, 2024

How to clean PVC flooring

The PVC flooring or vinyl flooring are considered the best type of flooring. PVC flooring is a durable, versatile, and inexpensive option which provides soundproof, water-resistant flooring. Not only is this PVC frequently chemical resistant, but it also has other additional benefits that include thermal insulation, fire retardant, and eco-friendly property. To extend the shelf life of PVC flooring or any other flooring it is necessary to take very good care of it by maintaining and cleaning it. The top-notch advantage of PVC is that they are easy to maintain and clean.

Ways to clean PVC flooring

1-On a daily basis, clean the PVC floor with a dry mop, broom, and vacuum to clean the dust particles and residues on it. This practice will make it easier for you to maintain the flooring.

2-Occasionally or every week if you feel the need you can moisten the mop with warm water and clean the top of the flooring to keep it in a good condition.

3-If you have light color PVC flooring keep in mind that you need to clean it frequently.

 Incorporate neutral detergent into your weekly cleaning regimen as it helps remove all dust and dirt from the floor.

5-Large areas covering PVC flooring can also be cleaned by a small disk rotary scrubber dryer. Make sure to use a little amount of water because too much water makes cleaning difficult. You can also switch to the damp mopping option.

6-If your drink spills on the floor it is highly recommended to clean instantly to avoid getting stains on the floor.

7-Treat the tomato, vinegar, and lemon stain immediately as they cause discoloration of flooring.

8-For cleaning stains, put diluted alcohol with water on stains, leave it without scrubbing and then rinse it with water.

9-For ink or marker stain all you need is to have a few drops of spirit on a piece of cloth, then apply it to stain by gentle rubbing and cleaning it with water.

10-Avoid cleaning PVC flooring with steam cleaners, because it causes irreversible damage to flooring, and the glue of flooring quickly reacts with the heat.

Also, avoid black soaps and abrasive powders for cleaning purposes.

11- To give a shiny look to PVC flooring, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol drops into your mop water, to give an additional shining layer you can also add a few drops of baby oil into it.

Maintaining PVC is necessary to enhance its longevity, Regular cleaning via mopping or sweeping the floor are the basic steps but other additional steps you must have to take includes avoiding sharp objects from falling as they cause scratches to the floor, also using pads for furniture legs to prevent scratches and scuff on floor. You can also consider cleaning services like Xpress Cleaning for a deep clean of your home pvc floors. 

Use doormats because it prevents dust from settling on the floor.

Rust should be cleaned to avoid further destruction to the floor by using anti-rust sponge, all these measure help in keeping it in a good condition