Thursday, June 13, 2024

Planning To Buy A Sofa Set? Check Out These Tips!

If getting the ideal sofa set for your living room is on the agenda, look no further because you are at the right place. Undoubtedly the focal point of the living room is where the sofa set is placed. The lovely carpet, painting, lamp or coffee table all play an integral role in complementing it. However, if the sofa set does not look appealing or is not functional, the rest would, unfortunately, look like stranded bits and pieces. If you are looking for modern and aesthetic solutions, Wakefit has a broad range of options to choose from. Whether you prefer Bohemian or Contemporary design, the right sofa set is available for you. So, let’s get into it and explore a myriad of versatile options for your living room. 

Types of Sofas

  1. Daybeds

One of the most functional sofas is the daybeds. A neat and elegant day bed will surely add zest to the area. Take a nap or let the kids play. In the case of overnight visitors, this can be converted to a bed without all the hassle.

  1. Fabric 

If you are searching for a versatile range of fabric sofas, especially of various sizes or the classic L shape, be sure to check out Wakefit sofaset. Fabric sofas are surging in demand of late due to their versatility and classy finish.

  1. Leather 

This is a luxurious looking sofa set that provides supreme comfort and durability. They last longer than the regular fabric sofas and guarantee an elegant touch to the room.

  1. Futons

A more minimalistic and decluttered option is the Futon. Roll it up when you want a large empty area on the floor. It is immensely adaptable and comfortable.

  1. Loveseats

The super chic option is the loveseat. A brilliant piece to match your regular sofa, or it can be placed on its own in an awkward corner. Make it your reading space or place it where space is compact. The seating capacity is two people, making it perfect for low budgets and small spaces.

  1. Pull out sofas

Like a daybed, pull out sofas cater to unexpected guests and sleepovers. You can also add a mattress topper or foam mattress for extra comfort. Simple to use and extremely functional, this is a great option for those on a lower budget.

How to Choose the Best One?

  • Assess your Space

If you have a small living room, it is quite the best option to opt for a subtle and cosy sofa set. But, in addition, it is wise to invest in an adaptable and functional one. Whether it is a 3 seater sofaset or a pull-out couch, assess your space and its requirements. At the same time, a larger living room would require a larger sofa set to fill the awkward space. Maybe even multiple sofas sets, depending on the size of the room and the functionality.

  • Match your Aesthetic

There are a plethora of stylish modern sofa designs in the market; however, with so many options, it can get confusing to pick the right one. Do you prefer a sofa that is friendly to your pets? Perhaps a relaxing sofa set that comes with a recliner? Always go with the option that fits your design style. If you opt for a minimalistic design, you may want to bring in a sofa set with lighter shades or hues. In addition, you may want to own a sophisticated, functional and neat sofa set without cluttering the space. Depending on your style, be sure to pick the sofa’s texture, fabric and shape to enhance your living room. 

  • Finalise a Budget

You may have researched the myriad of choices but make sure to set a budget. Sofa set prices depend on the fabric, size, and brand. There are also sofa covers available in the market in case you are searching for something within your budget. Hence you must learn about the benefits of your investment and finalise a budget.

  • Scour the Area Around

Will your sofa set be complemented with a painting, carpet, side table, curtains that match? There is an umpteen amount of designer sofas for the living room available all around. However, it is immensely vital to plan the area around your sofa set. Think about the furniture and décor that should enhance the sofa set without overshadowing it. What colours would you like to bring into the room? Any particular wallpapers or patterns? These are important pointers to note. 


Always plan out the details of the area in which you will place the sofa set. Work out the nitty-gritty of the design and delivery aspect. Will it be a fabric sofa? Will it be home delivered? Keeping in mind that a living room is where various conversations and happy memories occur, be sure to style your sofa set accordingly.